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If you’re looking for information and practical suggestions on how to protect your business from breaches in security you’ve come to the right place. For a general overview of office and workplace security, click here. Then explore the articles below for more details.

Protecting Your Financial Accounts

  • Business Identity Theft - Personal identity theft is widely known, but business identity theft can occur too. Learn ways that you can protect your business from would-be thieves.
  • Identity Theft and Business Owners - Unfortunately, small business owners are targets for identity thieves. However, we have suggestions for how to safeguard your personal finances.
  • ACH Fraud Protection - ACH transfers are a secure way to make and receive payments, but they can be used fraudulently. Find out how to prevent ACH fraud.
  • Using Credit Cards Safely - There are lots of ways that your business credit cards can be compromised. Fortunately, there are also many steps you can take to keep them safe.

Information Security

  • Keeping Customer and Employee Information Safe - Safeguarding sensitive information is critical to protecting your customers and employees from identity theft. Learn how your business can keep sensitive information safe.
  • Protecting Your Mail - Your business’s mail may be a security risk. Find out how and also how to protect your business from would-be thieves.
  • Opting Out of Personal Offers - Your personal mail can also pose a threat to your security. Learn how to opt out of the personal offers that can put your finances at risk.
  • Recognizing Phishing - Find out how to recognize thieves’ attempts to get sensitive information about your business.

Your Employees and Business Security

Safe Use of Technology

  • Safeguarding Your Computers and Network - Computers are critical to the functioning of many small businesses. Learn how to use them safely.
  • Online Security - Using the Internet in any way opens up your business to various threats. We have tips for minimizing online security risks.
  • Using Mobile and Handheld Devices Securely - Nowadays, small business don’t just rely on computers, they use all kinds of technology, and mobile and handheld devices raise unique security concerns. Learn ways to protect your business when using these types of technology.
  • Password Security - There’s a reason passwords are used, but many people don’t take them seriously. Find out how to create passwords that actually provide the intended protection.
  • Recognizing Internet Investment Scams - Don’t fall victim to Internet fraudsters. Learn how to tell a legitimate business opportunity from a scam.

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