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Starting and Planning Your Business: An Introduction

Starting a business is a test of self-motivation, multitasking, efficient management and careful organization. Refer to these articles for practical tips and guidelines on business development, planning, resources, issues and challenges, and other topics in the startup domain.


Lay the Groundwork

Launching your own company means learning about planning, funding and letting the “leader” in you come forward.


Duplicate a Thriving Business: Franchise!

Franchises offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to build new companies on a proven framework.


Existing Biz or Brand New Venture?

Buying an existing company offers a proven infrastructure and built-in staff, but starting one from scratch can be an adventure!


Choose The Right Business Location

A suitable location for your new business can make the difference between financial well-being and barely making it.


The Business Plan and Beyond

Putting together a powerful business plan requires prep work, organizational skills and follow-through.


Legal Requirements: Minding the Details

List and review these critical legal chores, among them choosing a corporate structure, naming your firm and writing a mission statement.


Products and Services: Make Sure the Price is Right

Pricing products and services competitively can present a real challenge. Use these guidelines to do the job right.


Looking Ahead: Issues and Challenges

The changing face of healthcare, technology, tax structures and hiring requires entrepreneurs to stay abreast of developments in their industries and beyond.

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